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A Day of Relaxation

Blog: A Day of Relaxation


While Miami is renowned for its azure blue waters and alabaster white sand, Mother Nature faces steep competition for attention from the city’s innovative and enduring architecture. From the Spanish colonial opulence of Coconut Grove to the neon, art deco sizzle of South Beach, well-crafted and beautifully planned spaces are as much a part of the DNA as warm, salty sea breezes. With Brickell Flatiron’s luxury Miami condos, buyers have a chance to own a piece of Miami’s design-forward spirit. Luis Revuelta’s undulating facade draws you in, but interiors of sleek glass walls and curved lines by the Italian designer Massimo Iosa Ghini will have you seeing “home” in each detail. Iosa Ghini’s wizardry is self-evident, but that much more impactful within the context of his incredible story.


Born in the northern Italian town of Bologna, Iosa Ghini absorbed the metropolis's mix of ancient and modern buildings and art. While it's too simple to state with absolution what inspired the young Iosa Ghini, a walk through the streets of Bologna is enough to influence anyone— here, you'll find the famous Two Towers and the gorgeous terra-cotta-roofed cityscapes of the old medieval town, where the world’s oldest university was founded.


Having internalized the visual splendor of his hometown, Iosa Ghini headed to Milan, where he studied architecture at Politecnico of Milan. This was in the "video killed the radio star" days of the 1980s when media and international trade ruled in major European cities, opening doors for disruptive thinking in nearly every industry – including architecture. Upon graduating, he adopted this kinetic, progressive mindset, seeking to upset the apple cart and supplant the old guard of architecture and design. He started with a headstrong dive into the avant-garde, including the founding of a movement called, “Boldism”, which incorporated the pop culture panache of artists like Andy Warhol with new technology, bright colors, and the desire to be seen and heard.


Poached by Ettore Sottsass, he designed with the Memphis Group, a design collective that harnessed the best designers of the time, including Michael Graves. He took the Memphis Group's ideas of bold color and asymmetric design and pared them down into a minimal, sleek, and accessible version. You'll instantly notice his furniture pieces like the boomerang-armed Othello chair and the futuristic Bertrand sideboard. Iosa Ghini also founded his own firm, and since the late ‘80s, he has designed for retail, public, and private spaces. His penchant for a sophisticated playfulness can be seen in projects ranging from the all-glass Ferrari factory store and boutiques for Armani and Fiorucci to an apartment building in Budapest and an elevated train system in Italy.


In 2017, Iosa Ghini’s aesthetic needs no introduction, but the profile of Brickell Flatiron has brought even more well-deserved international acclaim. Fortunate buyers will enjoy the refined, worldly glamor of Massimo Iosa Ghini each and every day in their new Brickell luxury residences.