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Ugo Colombo and Company Break Ground on Downtown Miami’s Newest Gem: Brickell Flatiron


Ugo Colombo’s 64-story Brickell Flatiron tower officially broke ground on March 22nd, ushering in a new wave of luxury living in downtown Miami. Colombo’s CMC Group has been a key player in the overall development of the Miami and, most notably, in the region’s high-end residential surge.

Colombo himself as well as Mayor Carlos Gimenez were on hand with the entire Brickell Flatiron team to celebrate this important milestone. A row of gleaming silver shovels stood as a symbolic representation of the massive construction equipment that loomed behind them. Colombo has taken part in numerous groundbreaking ceremonies through the years, and with each one the scale of his projects grows larger and his achievements more grand. 

Colombo’s ascension began in the 1990s with Miami’s 40-story Bristol Tower followed by the 52-story Santa Maria, both of which helped make Brickell one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the region. At the March 22nd ceremony, Colombo touched on the evolution of his work, stating, “Since we built Santa Maria, Brickell has emerged as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the world—a cosmopolitan district that embodies the urban Miami lifestyle. Our firm ushered in that brand with Santa Maria, and we’re perfecting it with Brickell Flatiron.”

“Brickell Flatiron’s height will add another iconic element to Miami’s skyline,” he noted, “but the project also represents a bookend to a 20-year era that dates back to 1996.” With each new development, Colombo pushes higher and wider, and for ever more luxury.

Brickell Flatiron’s lofty potential will be realized by a team that includes architect Luis Revuelta and designer Massimo Iosa Ghini, who will oversee the flow and aesthetic of the building’s impressive exterior and interiors. Each residence will be outfitted with custom-made Italian cabinets and doors as well as luminous Italian marble flooring, state-of-the-art appliances, and glass balcony railings that leave no view obscured. The tower’s numerous public spaces will feature large-scale pieces from famed visual artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. 

The amenities at Brickell Flatiron will range from a movie theater, billiard room, wine cellar, and children’s playroom to outdoor pools, 24-hour concierge services, and a breathtaking Sky Spa perched on the 64th floor. Colombo opted to use the building’s summit as public space for residents rather than constructing a traditional penthouse. “Many competing buildings have impressive amenities,” he has stated, “but Brickell Flatiron is the only tower with a Sky Spa. That feature will set [Brickell Flatiron] apart today and in 10 or 20 years.” It’s hard to disagree; a luxury spa set 64 stories above Miami that features wildly expansive 360-degree vistas is indeed a next-level achievement.

The area surrounding Brickell Flatiron boasts some of the best shopping, restaurants, galleries, museums, and arts venues in the city. Set against this backdrop, the recent groundbreaking ceremony felt monumental, and for good reason, as Brickell Flatiron seems primed to usher in a new era of luxury real estate in Miami.