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Blog: The Yacht Captain Guide to Exploring the Bahamas this Summer


On shore, Miami residents may enjoy sultry breezes and the warmth of the sun, but only the city’s yachters take full advantage of living in this coastal metropolis - by heading out and enjoying some of the best boating in the hemisphere. Residents of the luxury Miami condos at Brickell Flatiron can enjoy ocean views from their spacious homes while living just a short walk away from many popular yacht slips on the Miami channel, where their watercraft is waiting for adventure. Here are a few of the best destinations around Miami to check out via yacht this summer.


The world-famous Bahamas are just a few hours away from Miami by boat, and yachters in search of an island adventure should make their way to the Blue Hole in Hoffman Cay. This circular marine cavern is said to be inhabited only by oysters, turtles, and daytrippers, who make use of its cliffs to dive deep into the clear depths. Many boaters who take trips around the Bahamas report that Hoffman Cay is a must-see spot. Just remember to pack some bug spray to keep you protected on the walk from the shore to the blue hole!

Next on our list of destinations is Harbour Island, which is home to the finest pink sand beaches across the Bahamas. The island, which serves as a center of Bahamian culture, features countless secluded coves that make great spots for a private mooring, as well as long stretches of white and pink sand beaches all around its coast. Just to the west of Harbour Island lie the Berry Islands, a thin crescent of wild islands teeming with tropical wildlife that are near some great whale-watching and scuba-diving areas.


On the way back to Miami from the Bahamas, swing by South Cat Cay to spend some time on a nice private beach. This skinny island is under development, and it soon will be home to private villas, but for now, all you need to enjoy its palm tree-shaded beaches is a yacht and an anchor.


After returning from a day spent on the waves, there’s no better place to call home than Brickell Flatiron, where residents have access to a suite of relaxation amenities like the Sky Spa, a place to experience all the joys of a private spa without having to leave their building. So, anchor your yacht and reach out to our team to schedule a virtual tour or an in-person showing of your new Downtown Miami home today!