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Blog: The Brickell Flatiron Guide to Staying Fit While Staying Inside This Summer


With more exercise taking place at home, online resources have stepped in to fill the fitness vacuum. From personal trainers to extended workout routines, staying fit from home has never been easier. In fact, the Downtown Miami condos at Brickell Flatiron are easy to convert into temporary workout spaces; with private balconies in every home—and stunning views of the Miami coastline—the perfect perch for morning yoga is just a sliding glass door away. Keep reading for the Brickell Flatiron guide to staying fit while staying inside this summer!


Long the foremost name in home workouts, Peloton has stepped up to provide even greater access to their famous routines. By using the Peloton App on their smart device or television, Brickell Flatiron residents will gain access to 10 types of workout classes, complete with individualized goals. The app even recreates the social aspect of exercise classes, allowing users to track their progress in relation to their peers, and has extra features for users who own a Peloton bike.


Residents who prefer bodyweight and stretching exercises will love Club Pilates’ new virtual classes. What began as a group of Pilates studios has grown into a community centered around personalized fitness challenges accomplished with the help of professional instructors. Using the service is as easy as choosing the routine that’s right and then following along with the instructor on a smart device. The Brickell Flatiron homes are perfect for these low-impact workouts, which give residents plenty of time to enjoy the sweeping bayside and channel views while working up a sweat.


Skanda Yoga is another classic stretching fitness program that’s gone online without losing its essence. While plenty of yoga practitioners have areas in their homes for their workout, Brickell Flatiron’s private balconies are the perfect at-home yoga studio, thanks to spectacular views and Miami’s famous climate. At Skanda Yoga, clients can choose from a range of online options for classes, ranging from single Zoom sessions to subscription packages that unlock thousands of on-demand video tutorials that will help take their Downward Dog to the next level.


No matter which workout routine suits your personal fitness needs, the new condos at Brickell Flatiron are your home studio in waiting. So, whether you prefer an indoor Peloton session or a Salute to the Sun on your private balcony, be sure to reach out to our sales team today to schedule a ​virtual presentation and start your life in Downtown Miami today!