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Blog: Mindfulness at Brickell Flatiron


It is no secret that modern life can be busy and stressful. Taking a break to recharge, relax, and simply enjoy life is essential. And the condos for sale at Brickell Flatiron are designed with amenities that will help residents do just that — from the soaring views of Miami and Biscayne Bay to the private balconies to the Sky Club spa with its steam, sauna, and treatment rooms. These Brickell condos also provide ample opportunity, as well as a comfortable and convenient location, for calm self-reflection with the ancient practice of meditation.


Researchers are learning more and more about the physical and mental health benefits of meditation, which include relief from pain and anxiety, and improved overall health and quality of life. One Harvard University study even found that regular meditation may be more beneficial than a vacation. Fortunately, a soothing course of meditation is as near as your laptop or smartphone.


For guided sessions, the award-winning Calm app offers daily meditation guides and longer themed classes to instruct you on the basics or to deepen your practice. There are also masterclasses focused on everything from improving sleep to developing mindfulness in daily life. Finally, the Calm Body program for stretching, winding down, and back care, rounds out the Calm apps offerings. The programming is always expanding, with new, one-of-a-kind courses appearing regularly, including the “Train Your Mind” playbook from NBA superstar LeBron James.


Another popular offering for meditation is the Brightmind app, which focuses on personalized instruction for everyone from experts to absolute beginners. Get started with a series of free sessions that cover eight basic meditation techniques. Subscribers can move forward in their practice with hundreds of additional guided meditations, as well as customizable and interactive courses, led by Brightmind’s impressive roster of professional instructors.


For those who prefer a more visual approach to their mindfulness activities, Alo Moves provides video-guided yoga and fitness classes from their YouTube channel. They also offer a series of guided video meditation sessions, such as “7 Days of Mindful Meditation.” These feature calming backdrops and soothing teacher guidance, making for a perfect blend of deep relaxation and instruction.


Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or a seasoned veteran looking to expand your practice, these options offer guidance in getting the full health and mindfulness benefits from meditation. Best of all, you can enjoy these moments of peaceful reprieve from the comfort of your home in the Brickell Flatiron condos. 

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