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Luis O. Revuelta: The Man Who Helped Make Miami’s Skyline What It Is Today

Blog: Luis O. Revuelta: The Man Who Helped Make Miami’s Skyline What It Is Today


The name Luis O. Revuelta is held in such reverence in some Miami circles, that the uninitiated might think people were talking about a local mayor or sports star. In fact, Revuelta is an architect — one who has been defining the Miami skyline since the 1990s. Here, we’ll learn more about the man who helped make Miami what it is today. And, we’ll have a look at one of his latest masterpieces, Brickell Flatiron.


High ambitions

It's said that as a child, Luis O. Revuelta loved to draw skylines on grid paper. Could it be that, even at a young age, this architectural mastermind-to-be knew the lofty career that lay ahead of him? Born in Cuba, Revuelta moved to Miami when he was still a young boy and later graduated from Miami Dade College with a BA in architecture in 1973 - by which time he most certainly knew what he wanted to do: transform the skyline of his adopted home-time. His philosophy, Revuelta has always said, is built upon three pillars: "A steadfast commitment to providing clients with design quality and balance, an adherence to attention to visual detail and on-time and on-budget delivery."


Making a Mark on Florida

Fast forward to 1988: real estate developer Ugo Colombo approached Revuelta with the proposal of building a luxury high-rise on Brickell Avenue. That building became known as The Bristol Tower — a luxurious 40-story condominium defined by a circular design with wraparound balconies. Completed in 1993, it was a roaring success, and a new style of Miami chic had made its mark. Since that defining moment, Revuelta has gone on to produce countless other architectural gems in Florida: the Azure condominium complex in Surfside; Grovenor House in Bayshore Drive; Santa Maria on Brickell Avenue. In each of his buildings, there is a feeling of kinetics — an echo of the rolling waves they often overlook. As Revuelta himself has said, “I always strive to create in our buildings a sense of movement in an otherwise static, concrete object.” 


The Brickell Flatiron Condos

Perhaps Revuelta’s proudest moment to date is one of his latest enterprises: Brickell Flatiron. One of the tallest all-residential buildings south of Manhattan, Brickell Flatiron could only be the work of someone who has spent their professional career studying and understanding both luxury high-rise buildings and the unique setting of Miami. Its flowing curves and lines make it an instant classic for Downtown Miami’s waterfront, but it’s the residents of Brickell Flatiron who enjoy the full Luis O. Revuelta effect. Generous balconies with panoramic bay views, light-flooded residences that make the most of every last drop of Miami sunshine, and an elegant outdoor rooftop pool — beckoning you to take a cooling dip whenever the mood suits you.


Living in a Revuelta condo means living the good life.


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