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It may defy logic to imagine over 150 tons of water floating in the air, but the swimming pool that sits atop Brickell Flatiron floats above the 64-story luxury condos in downtown Miami as effortlessly as an afternoon swim. At least it looks effortless: in fact, every inch of this rooftop oasis has been meticulously designed to make condo residents and guests feel at ease, while accounting for all the practical challenges of gravity and wind shear. At first glance, Brickell Flatiron’s rooftop seems like a feat of architectural aesthetics, but it’s also very much a feat of engineering.

According to Vanessa Grout, President of CMC Real Estate and an expert on luxury real estate in South Florida, there are scores of details that even an avid swimmer might never think of when it comes to designing open-air rooftop pools. “Design plays a huge role in functionality,” says Grout. Ideally, the experience will be so seamless that visitors won’t even think about it. In addition to its serene pool, the 64th floor’s multifaceted fitness center includes private steam rooms and saunas, an array of therapeutic spa services, and yoga, pilates, and weight-training rooms. But if a bit of unfettered relaxation is one’s goal, the pool is framed by an assortment of day-beds, chaise lounges, and cabanas.

The rooftop at Brickell Flatiron is a private urban resort, offering residents and guests unobstructed, 360° views of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. Upon completion, the luxury condos at Brickell Flatiron will reach elegantly into the sky, reflecting the building’s surroundings through its curved, glass surface. The building’s striking design by architect Luis Revuelta is an eye-catching, elegant spin on Miami’s signature style, Art Deco. In many ways, Brickell Flatiron’s look represents the natural progression of the city’s built environment, which combines a love for the bold and daring with an appreciation for refinement and sophistication.

And while the vibrant exterior is what initially draws one to the downtown Miami condominium, it’s only a small part of what makes Brickell Flatiron so unique. Floor-to-ceiling windows, a stunning array of amenities, and elegant interiors are just some of the reasons why the construction of Brickell Flatiron has been met with growing anticipation. Brickell Flatiron’s rooftop is the ideal setting for a transcendent experience: between the amenities, tranquil quiet, and ocean views, a floating oasis like no other is taking shape high above downtown Miami.