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Schnabel's Palazzo Chuppi Inspires Brickell Flatiron Sales Gallery


Palazzo Chupi, located in the West Village neighborhood of New York City, will serve as the inspiration behind Brickell Flatiron’s luxury condos sales gallery, opening this Fall.


Designed by Julian Schnabel using the bold colors and style of a Northern Italian Palazzo, the Pompeii-red boutique residential building draws inspiration from the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy, the Giotto frescoes, as well as American architects Addison Mizner and Stanford White. 

Palazzo Chupi houses five residences, including Schnabel's, which is the quintessential setting for his art and personal art collection, including Picasso'sFemme au Chapeau.

The new sales gallery in Brickell Flatrion represents an "artist in residence" – the artist being Julian Schnabel – and will showcase a vignette or obscure representation of his current residency at Palazzo Chupi. The sales gallery interiors will be indicative of the unique and playful color palette Schnabel uses in his furnishings and artwork. Additionally, each piece of furniture will be represented by the Spanish revival era and will invite guests into a grand residential living room.

The sales gallery will feel personal with a whimsical touch. Natural sunlight will fill the living room through oversized arched windows looking out to an oasis of palm trees.

The Brickell Flatiron sales gallery will stand out as a piece of art in Downtown Miami. Stay tuned for updates to come…