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Blog: Brickell Flatiron's Concierge Team & Tech


We’ve entered an era when technology seems to permeate virtually every aspect of our lives. In our thoroughly digital ecosystem, you can attain recommendations, make reservations, and hail a ride, all with a few taps on your screen. But for all the rapid technological advances we’ve experienced, the importance of having a reliable, informed, and professional concierge has only grown. Residents of Brickell Flatiron’s Miami condos will enjoy a lifestyle of exceptional comfort and convenience, thanks to our on-site concierge team.

Most people associate concierges with recommendations for restaurants, shopping, and sight- seeing activities, and for good reason. Professional concierges are not only highly trained to create personalized itineraries; they’re also well connected and often able to use personal networks to score last-minute dinner reservations or tickets to highly sought-after shows. Plus, they often have insider knowledge, offering insights about restaurants, boutiques, and activities that are far from the beaten path, taking you to corners of the city you may never have found otherwise. As your concierge gets to know you, their suggestions will continue to improve, tailored to your unique preferences and tastes. Like good wine, the already excellent concierge services at Brickell Flatiron only get better with time.

However, the concierge team at Brickell Flatiron can do much more than just curate an engaging experience of the city. They’re also there to take on some of the tedious chores you’ve been juggling and effectively streamline your life. Need to arrange for dog-walking services? The concierge can do that. Spa appointment? Dry cleaning? Transportation? Exercise class reservations? Brickell Flatiron’s concierge staff is happy to make arrangements for you, meaning you can free up some of that mental space you’ve used on making and keeping track of errands and to-dos and put it toward activities that actually matter to you—such as catching up with an old friend at a new spot, as recommended by your concierge.

Though the personalized nature of the on-site concierge team plays a crucial role in attaining a luxury lifestyle, technology has a function too. At Brickell Flatiron, residents are connected to the happenings at these Miami luxury apartments via the Brickell Flatiron Link. The easy-to-use digital concierge app provides real-time updates on logistical matters, like when a long-awaited package arrives or when an event is happening somewhere in the building. The app uses location sensors, so updates are relevant in relation to your position in the building. Other state- of-the-art technology embedded in your residence allows you to adjust the thermostat and control your lock via your smartphone. This means you’ll never have to worry about accidentally locking yourself out as you rush off to that spa appointment or lunch date that the thoughtful human concierge helped arrange!

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