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Blog: Throwing the Ultimate Dinner Party at Brickell Flatiron - image

Blog: Throwing the Ultimate Dinner Party at Brickell Flatiron


There’s nothing better than bringing family and friends together to share a meal. Here are a few tips for having a memorable dinner party in your home at Brickell Flatiron. With our guide to finding the best of everything for your event, you’ll be ready to prepare a spectacular meal in your top-of-theline kitchen and to entertain in style. So go ahead and invite the gang over to Brickell for dinner. And make it an evening they won’t forget.

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Blog: The Best Coffee in Brickell, Miami  - image

Blog: The Best Coffee in Brickell, Miami


There's no better way to start your day than to wake up to views of sparkling Biscayne Bay in the well-appointed homes at Brickell Flatiron. Step out onto your spacious terrace and greet the sun before getting in a quick workout in the building’s state-of-the-art gym. The enviable location of these Miami Beach condos makes commuting to work as smooth as a Miami breeze. And, of course, you’ll have easy access to plenty of post-work pleasures, like bars, restaurants, and clubs.

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Blog: Neighborhood Parks - image

Blog: Neighborhood Parks


The weekend is a time for relaxation, exploration, and, perhaps most important of all, getting out into the fresh air. One of the many perks of living in the Brickell Flatiron condos in Miami is the year-round glorious weather. Another is the proximity to a number of stellar green spaces. Here are a few of our favorite local parks. 

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No matter where you go in this world, one thing holds true: People are social creatures. But nowhere is all that socializing more lively and conspicuous than Miami. At the Miami Beach condos at Brickell Flatiron, there’s no shortage of space for your private parties and get-togethers. 

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Blog: Brickell Flatiron's Concierge Team & Tech - image

Blog: Brickell Flatiron's Concierge Team & Tech


We’ve entered an era when technology seems to permeate virtually every aspect of our lives. In our thoroughly digital ecosystem, you can attain recommendations, make reservations, and hail a ride, all with a few taps on your screen

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Blog: Upcoming at Bayfront Park - image

Blog: Upcoming at Bayfront Park


Fall has arrived. For many people around the country, this means the return of wool sweaters, snug boots, and limited time outside. While there are joys to be found in a crisp fall, residents of flats in Miami Beach won’t find themselves skipping out on outside time because of the weather. In fact, late fall might be the best time to be in the Miami area; after all, the average high in November is 79 degrees.

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Blog: City of Miami Greenlights First Move-Ins at Brickell Flatiron  - image

Blog: City of Miami Greenlights First Move-Ins at Brickell Flatiron


The City of Miami has granted Brickell Flatiron its Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO), bringing future residents even closer to living in their luxury Brickell condos and enjoying the building’s suite of resort-caliber amenities. The 736-foot-tall tower, which was developed by CMC Group and designed by renowned architect Luis Revuelta, features a distinctive Flatiron shape and curvilinear facade. Its curved balconies produce a sculptural silhouette that maximizes private outdoor space while bringing a new wave of modernism to the Miami skyline.

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Blog: Wine Night At Home - image

Blog: Wine Night At Home


Is there anything better than uncorking a bottle of pinot noir or popping open some prosecco and
sharing a glass with friends? How about imbibing with them as you gaze upon the sparkling water of
Biscayne Bay and the stunning skyline of Miami from the vantage of the Brickell Flatiron
apartments? Take your typical bottle-of-wine hangouts to the next level: Host a wine tasting party in your home.

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Blog: Bring in the Green: Our Favorite Local Plant and Flower Shops - image

Blog: Bring in the Green: Our Favorite Local Plant and Flower Shops


Bringing pieces of the natural world indoors not only adds a wealth of aesthetic vibrancy to a space, but it purifies the air, thereby improving one’s respiratory health. That’s not all; the power of plants truly cannot be overstated. Fortunately, the Miami Beach condos at Brickell Flatiron are defined by their large, open spaces and their abundance of natural light, perfect for a plethora of greenery. And there is an assortment of stellar plant and flower shops near Brickell Flatiron. Here are a few of our favorites. 

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Blog: Five Amazing Restaurants near Brickell Flatiron That Are Part of Miami Spice - image

Blog: Five Amazing Restaurants near Brickell Flatiron That Are Part of Miami Spice


August through September is a fine time to be in Miami, especially if you have a condo here. Though it might be “low season” for some, the late summer/early fall offers the perfect chance for locals to explore their city and discover some tempting deals. Miami Spice, which runs from August through September, is a must-do for foodies living in Miami; for these two months, the best restaurants in town offer three-course menus at exceptionally good prices. Many of the eateries are close to Brickell Flatiron too. Here are five of the best.

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Blog: Luis O. Revuelta: The Man Who Helped Make Miami’s Skyline What It Is Today - image

Blog: Luis O. Revuelta: The Man Who Helped Make Miami’s Skyline What It Is Today


The name Luis O. Revuelta is held in such reverence in some Miami circles, that the uninitiated might think people were talking about a local mayor or sports star. In fact, Revuelta is an architect — one who has been defining the Miami skyline since the 1990s. Here, we’ll learn more about the man who helped make Miami what it is today. And, we’ll have a look at one of his latest masterpieces, Brickell Flatiron.

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Blog: Fresh, Clean Eating at Brickell Flatiron - image

Blog: Fresh, Clean Eating at Brickell Flatiron


Regular exercise provides scientifically proven benefits like improved concentration, lower blood pressure, and even better sleep at night. Residents of Brickell Flatiron have access to an in-house, state-of-the-art gym and pool on the rooftop, making working out realistic even for people with a busy schedule. But when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, a holistic approach is the only way to see real results. Exercise is part of the equation, but refueling your body with healthy food is the true path to wellness. Here, we’ll give our tips for local, clean eating. 


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Blog: Rainy Days at Brickell Flatiron - image

Blog: Rainy Days at Brickell Flatiron


Miami is known for its sunny weather, warm breezes, and clear skies, but every now and then, some much-needed rain rolls in to nourish the verdant foliage and cool down those hot summer evenings. While you'll always be able to get in enough magical outdoor time in the Magic City when the weather is favorable, lucky residents of the Brickell Flatiron lofts can also happily take shelter at home during the occasional storms.


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Blog: Get Your Fix of Miami Museums This Summer - image

Blog: Get Your Fix of Miami Museums This Summer


Just because the snowbirds have left Miami for the season doesn't mean the city’s high-brow culture closes up shop for the season. In the coming months, Downtown Miami will be awash with unmissable exhibitions at some impeccably curated museums. See something beautiful and learn something new at one of these upcoming shows. You can always head to the beach afterward.

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Blog: Drinks With a View in Brickell Miami - image

Blog: Drinks With a View in Brickell Miami


Nothing makes that vodka martini, ice-cold craft beer, or flute of fizz taste better than a stunning view overlooking the beaches and cityscape of Miami. Here, we call in at the finest cocktail bars and lounges Downtown has to offer — the places where the views are as delicious as the drinks.

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Blog: Beats & Sun In Brickell, Miami - image

Blog: Beats & Sun In Brickell, Miami


Spring is here -- finally. And though Miami is a sun-soaked haven of music, pool-dwelling, and revelry year-round, there are some major musical events on the calendar in the coming months that should not be missed. And, of course, the city is home to some distinctive spots for lounging, relaxing, and outings with your friends. Residents of Brickell Flatiron’s Miami luxury condominiums will find themselves surrounded by nearly-unlimited places to take full advantage of their city’s music scene.

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Now Trending: Food Halls - image

Now Trending: Food Halls


Trends, by definition, are here today and gone tomorrow. Still, some trends grow timeless, and morph into cultural staples. One such example is the emergence of the 21st century food hall, which is having a profound impact on Miami’s culinary scene.

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2018 At Brickell Flatiron - image

2018 At Brickell Flatiron


Back in January of 2017, Curbed Miami marked the first step in Brickell Flatiron’s journey to become brick-and-mortar reality: the foundation pour. The story featured aerial shots of the building’s footprint and digital renderings of anticipated highlights like the rooftop spa and pool. Fast-forward almost a year, and that reality is already reaching to the sky, where it will take its place in 2019 as one of the tallest buildings in Miami.


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Floorplan Spotlight - image

Floorplan Spotlight


As more discerning Miami home-seekers choose loft-like luxury condominiums over traditional houses, architects and designers are responding in kind, creating more flexible and open floor plans. 

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Blog: A Day of Relaxation - image

Blog: A Day of Relaxation


While Miami is renowned for its azure blue waters and alabaster white sand, Mother Nature faces steep competition for attention from the city’s innovative and enduring architecture. From the Spanish colonial opulence of Coconut Grove to the neon, art deco sizzle of South Beach, well-crafted and beautifully planned spaces are as much a part of the DNA as warm, salty sea breezes. With Brickell Flatiron’s luxury Miami condos, buyers have a chance to own a piece of Miami’s design-forward spirit. Luis Revuelta’s undulating facade draws you in, but interiors of sleek glass walls and curved lines by the Italian designer Massimo Iosa Ghini will have you seeing “home” in each detail. Iosa Ghini’s wizardry is self-evident, but that much more impactful within the context of his incredible story.


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Blog: Your Personal Penthouse Tour - image

Blog: Your Personal Penthouse Tour


The penthouse condominiums at Brickell Flatiron are the pinnacle of elegance and comfort in Miami. Read on for a guided tour of these truly game-changing luxury residences, and imagine the world that could be yours in the most luxurious flats in Downtown Miami The highest quality materials, classic lines, and modern appointments mark these Brickell residences as an embodiment of the premier Biscayne Bay lifestyle along with astonishing views of Miami’s skyline.

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August Construction Update - image

August Construction Update


The newest residential gem set to punctuate the Downtown Miami skyline is now well underway. Developer Ugo Colombo’s spectacular new 64-story tower, Brickell Flatiron, has officially gone vertical, reaching its 12th floor this month. The luxury skyscraper will be completed in 2019 and has already sold an impressive 60% of its 549 residences. Once it has achieved its summit at 700 feet, Brickell Flatiron will be one of the tallest residential buildings in the country. Thus, the soaring glass structure will feature breathtaking views of the ocean and skyline that stretch for miles. 

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Blog: Introducing The Penthouse Collection - image

Blog: Introducing The Penthouse Collection


Brickell Flatiron’s luxury residences have impressed since they first went on the market, but CMC Group and Ugo Colombo have outdone themselves with the newly-revealed Penthouse Collection. Detailed renderings of these Miami penthouses reveal sumptuous, strikingly modern interiors, meticulously crafted with luxurious materials. The waterfront views from inside Brickell Flatiron are worth a thousand words, but the interior design choices by architect Luis Revuelta and interior designer Massimo Iosa Ghini are enough to set Brickell Flatiron apart from the other new Brickell condos on the market today.  The penthouses topping this 64-story tower have just raised the bar even higher.

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Blog: Meet Mr. Colombo - image

Blog: Meet Mr. Colombo


To be a visionary, you need imagination and a keen attention to detail. In 1996, when The New York Times described Ugo Colombo, developer of Brickell Flatiron, as the “leader of the pack” of developers in a new Miami real estate boom, they were quick to highlight the depth of his involvement with his work, both inside and out: “Mr. Colombo throws himself into nearly every aspect of his project... selecting Gaggenau ovens for the Italian Snaidero kitchens, or working on details of the [condominium] tower's smoothly cantilevered design with Miami architect, Luis Revuelta.” 

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Latin Roots - image

Latin Roots


From the Art Deco architecture of South Beach to the Viernes Culturales along Little Havana’s Calle Ocho, Miami is known today as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan—and picturesque—destinations for the global elite. No small part of Miami’s allure comes from its Latin flair, and no place captures the Magic City’s spirit like the white-hot Brickell neighborhood. Celebrities and jetsetters from across Latin America are flocking to Brickell’s condos, like the Luis Revuelta-designed Brickell Flatiron, where the curving sculptural glass exteriors give way to views of the ocean and the bustle of Downtown Miami. Brickell’s vaunted culinary and cultural establishments help you take advantage of everything offered in the city nicknamed “The Capital of Latin America” by exalting its Latin roots.

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The Little Things: Brickell Flatiron's Devil in the Detail - image

The Little Things: Brickell Flatiron's Devil in the Detail


When you’re staying at a luxury hotel, with your every need taken care of, it’s understandable that you would want to extend your vacation forever, even when you know that’s not possible. But now there’s a way of living in the real world, in your own home, while still having access to all the amenities of a hotel. At Brickell Flatiron in Downtown Miami, residents will discover the fusion of beauty and functionality in their Miami Beach condos, combined with the depth of attention, thoughtful details, and special extras of a five-star hotel.



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A Lazy Sunday in Miami - image

A Lazy Sunday in Miami


Miami can seem like party central, but sometimes you just want to take it slow, especially after a long Saturday night. If you're looking for the ultimate lazy Sunday—but feel too lazy to even plan it—look no further. We've devised the perfect day for you in and around your Brickell Flatiron condo. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions—and an indulgent Sunday in Miami is all yours. 

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The Best Margarita in Miami  - image

The Best Margarita in Miami


Whether you take yours frozen or on the rocks, with salt or without, and in classic lime or a more exotic flavor, it’s hard to beat a tequila-kissed margarita on a hot summer’s day. For residents of Brickell Flatiron’s Miami luxury condos, gorgeous afternoons can always be accompanied by everyone’s favorite citrus-dressed cocktail. Countless nearby restaurants and bars shake up Brickell’s margarita competition with unique recipes featuring every ingredient under the Miami sun, from spicy jalapeno bits to fresh pomegranate juice. Here are five of the Magic City’s most satisfying margs.

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Cardio In the Clouds - image

Cardio In the Clouds


Sea-level gyms, beaches, parks, and pools are everywhere in downtown Miami. But for exercise with an original twist, we recommend heading to a rooftop venue, where you can breathe in fresh air, soak up the sun, and take in Miami's beautiful bay vistas. Here's a pick of our favorite pools, spas, and other lofty fitness centers—starting with the best of them all: Brickell Flatiron’s Sky Club.

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Miami Spice Preview: 2016 - image

Miami Spice Preview: 2016


Throughout the months of August and September, there are plenty of mouthwatering reasons to leave the cooking to someone else; say, a world-renowned chef or three. Miami Spice returns to the city this fall, offering food lovers an opportunity to enjoy three-course meals at Miami’s top restaurants at incredible prices. For residents of the Brickell Flatiron Miami, there’s never been a better reason to indulge, with prix-fixe menus featured at a number of the area’s most enticing eateries.

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Ugo Colombo and Company Break  Ground on Downtown Miami’s Newest Gem: Brickell Flatiron - image

Ugo Colombo and Company Break Ground on Downtown Miami’s Newest Gem: Brickell Flatiron


Ugo Colombo’s 64-story Brickell Flatiron tower officially broke ground on March 22nd, ushering in a new wave of luxury living in downtown Miami. Colombo’s CMC Group has been a key player in the overall development of the Miami and, most notably, in the region’s high-end residential surge.

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The Brickell Brunch - image

The Brickell Brunch


With its melting pot of cultures and plenty of residents with income to spare, Miami has seen its culinary scene explode over the past decade, particularly along its southern tier. The rise of luxury condos in Brickell has helped put that Miami neighborhood on the map as a place to be, and the place to eat. Catering to the neighborhood’s trendy residents are new nightlife venues, museums, and a slew of restaurants that serve up the most important meal of the week: brunch. Weekend brunches provide great opportunities to relax over a meal, catch up with friends, and see and be seen. Look no further than these Brickell hotspots for the best brunch the neighborhood has to offer.

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Five of Miami's Hottest Interior Designers - image

Five of Miami's Hottest Interior Designers


Interior design in Miami might seem to be a challenging field; with so much natural beauty available just by stepping outside, putting together interiors that can stand the comparison could be a daunting task. On the other hand, though, there is plenty of inspiration: from beautiful Brickell condominiums to Mediterranean revivals, always with the ocean as backdrop, horizon, and shimmering possibility. Miami’s best interior designers therefore often take their inspiration from their ocean and waterfront surroundings, opting to complement, not compete with, the views that so many of their clients’ properties—waterfront estates, beach homes, luxury condominiums—command.

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Miami’s Downtown Art Scene Continues to Heat Up - image

Miami’s Downtown Art Scene Continues to Heat Up


Miami’s abundant natural beauty and pristine beaches have long made it a destination for those who love the great outdoors, but in recent years, the city has earned a new reputation as a center for everything from big business to the arts. The rebirth of neighborhoods like the Design District, Wynwood, and Brickell has sparked massive change throughout Miami, ushering in a surprising cultural renaissance.

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Miami’s Retail On The Rise - image

Miami’s Retail On The Rise


Miami has been experiencing an unprecedented degree of expansion, especially within its residential and retail sectors. Running parallel to the influx of new condos in Miami are several impressive and ambitious retail projects. Miami has always been a style capital, and these new developments will cement its status as a shoppers’ paradise. Most noteworthy among this new crop of developments: Brickell City Centre, Miami Worldcenter, and the Miami Design District.  

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The Miami-Havana Connection - image

The Miami-Havana Connection


Glamorous and vibrant, Miami has been America’s most international city since the mid-20th century. While residents of New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and San Francisco may scoff at this, none of those cities shares so much culture and vibe as Miami does with Cuba. Associations between Miami and Cuba as well as Cuban culture go way back. As diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba are renewed and travel restrictions between the two countries relaxed, experiencing the best of Havana in Miami has never been easier. 

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Miami Spa Month - image

Miami Spa Month


Regular sun-worshippers know the secret to great skin is plenty of SPF at the beach and some serious pampering at the spa. Luxurious treatments are a balm for the body and the mind, and just in time for the peak of the summer heat, Miami Spa Month has arrived. Through August 31, dozens of top beauty and wellness centers throughout Miami are offering special deals, so the time to enjoy a day of beauty and relaxation is  now. Dozens of these establishments are participating in Miami Spa Month, and a few of  them are just minutes away from Brickell Flatiron.

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Miami Spice  - image

Miami Spice


Miami Spice, the culinary tour de force that runs from August 1-September 30, is essentially a Restaurant Week that lasts for two whole months. Participating eateries agree to showcase their fare for the enticing set prices of $23 (lunch) and $39 (dinner). With a burgeoning restaurant scene catering to the tastes of Downtown Miami’s growing population, Miami Spice couldn’t be better timed. Getting to know the food and drink landscape of Brickell is an adventure for out-of-town visitors and new luxury condominium residents alike; these recommendations, all of which serve up tastes from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, provide just a sample of what’s on offer:

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Fourth of July in Miami - image

Fourth of July in Miami


In recent years, the downtown area of Miami has seen an immense amount of growth, with an array of impressive Brickell condos rising up in and around the art-centric district. Along with this influx of construction and interest, the diversity of The Magic City has expanded as well, and the available array of Independence Day celebrations reflects this. 

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Miami’s Growing Tech Sector - image

Miami’s Growing Tech Sector


With its unique combination of creativity, capital, entrepreneurship, and energy, Miami’s vibrant business community has enormous talent upon which to draw. Recognizing this potential, south Florida business leaders have worked to establish the foundation and intellectual infrastructure Miami needs in order for it to become the next big startup city. 

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“Shop Miami” Month, March 1-31, 2015 - image

“Shop Miami” Month, March 1-31, 2015


One of the great perks of living in downtown Miami at Brickell Flatiron is the close proximity to great Miami shopping: you can find everything you need within walking distance or a short drive from the new luxury condominium residences. “Shop Miami,” a celebration of Miami’s top retail destinations that runs through the month of March, provides the perfect time to explore some of the area’s fashion hotspots in preparation for spring’s fresh looks.

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 Brickell Favorites: Anastasia Wachter - image

Brickell Favorites: Anastasia Wachter


Sales Agent at CMC Real Estate, Anastasia Wachter’s favorite picks in and around Brickell.

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Brickell Flatiron Rooftop  - image

Brickell Flatiron Rooftop


It may defy logic to imagine over 150 tons of water floating in the air, but the swimming pool that sits atop Brickell Flatiron floats above the 64-story luxury condos in downtown Miami as effortlessly as an afternoon swim. At least it looks effortless: in fact, every inch of this rooftop oasis has been meticulously designed to make condo residents and guests feel at ease, while accounting for all the practical challenges of gravity and wind shear. At first glance, Brickell Flatiron’s rooftop seems like a feat of architectural Aesthetics, but it’s also very much a feat of engineering.

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Celebrate the Holidays in Miami with Food, Entertainment, Relaxation, and Fun - image

Celebrate the Holidays in Miami with Food, Entertainment, Relaxation, and Fun


Spending the holidays in downtown Miami ensures a neon-lit, toes-in-the-sand, sun-on-the-skin celebration that can be as vibrant and invigorating as it is relaxing. Miami is a city that completely transforms for the holidays and truly embraces the spirit of the season from all angles. What follows are some highlights that help make Miami the perfect holiday destination. 

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Flatiron and The Evolution of Brickell and Downtown Miami - image

Flatiron and The Evolution of Brickell and Downtown Miami


Miami has long been seen as a vacation destination: a beach goer's paradise where the beauty of the landscape is rivaled only by the glamour of the area's residents, their luxury condos, their luxury cars. In recent years the City of Miami has made a name for itself. The city, mainly the areas of Brickell and Downtown Miami, is undergoing a massive transformation. In addition to the countless new condominium developments, there are world-class cultural institutions including the Arsht Center for Performing Arts, Perez Art Museum Miami, and the future Miami Science Museum. Miami now has the infrastructure to rival any major international city.

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Art Basel 2014 - image

Art Basel 2014


Known for its international flair, Miami Beach will once again play host to one of the most impressive international art shows—Art Basel—from December 4-7. 

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Chefs You Should Know: A Taste of Downtown Miami - image

Chefs You Should Know: A Taste of Downtown Miami


Miami has long since been home to a lively and spirited culinary scene. Numerous world-renowned chefs helm restaurants in The Magic City, feeding off the naturally vibrant pulse of the pastel metropolis. And with new condominiums in Brickell and the surrounding environs rising at an impressive clip, the area is exploding with culinary intrigue, and luckily, this fascination is matched by a vast array of premiere culinary talent. Here's a guide of some of the best chefs in Brickell...

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Where to Watch The White Hot Miami Heat in Brickell - image

Where to Watch The White Hot Miami Heat in Brickell


Game 1 of the NBA Finals are underway and the Miami Heat are White Hot!! In anticipation of Thursday night’s game versus the San Antonio Spurs we have put together a list of the best places in Brickell to watch the game.

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Brickell Favorites: Vanessa Grout - image

Brickell Favorites: Vanessa Grout


President of CMC Real Estate, Vanessa Grout's Favorite Picks in and around Brickell

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Brickell Favorites: Chris Suarez - image

Brickell Favorites: Chris Suarez


Sales Associate at CMC Real Estate, Chris Suarez's Favorite Picks in and around Brickell.

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Schnabel's Palazzo Chuppi Inspires Brickell Flatiron Sales Gallery - image

Schnabel's Palazzo Chuppi Inspires Brickell Flatiron Sales Gallery


Palazzo Chupi, located in the West Village neighborhood of New York City, will serve as the inspiration behind Brickell Flatiron’ luxury condos sales gallery, opening this Fall.

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